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Serious Injuries
Civil Litigation
Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant
Social Security Disability
Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning
   and Probate
Corporate and Business Law,
   Organization and Commercial Litigation
Defamation Protection
Copyright protection
Business and Personal Bankruptcy
Debtor and Creditor Representation

The law firm of Barker, Holms & Partners, LLC serves international clients with aggressive and reasonable assistance when circumstances require legal representation. The firm's partners have over 60 years of combined legal experience in a variety of legal matters.

In addition to full service in civil and commercial litigation, we provide services related to residential and commercial real estate, as well as business law and organizations. We also provide comprehensive estate planning services, including assistance with drafting wills and trusts, so you can be confident that your future and that of your family is protected.

We also have experience in representing the interests of debtors, creditors, trustees and other parties in bankruptcy cases and other disputes between debtors and creditors.

Also, our lawyers serve clients who are faced with an attack on honor, dignity , and business reputation.

If you are faced with a violation of your copyright, our lawyers have a long and successful practice in such disputes.

If you need local advice, give us a try. We will do our best to resolve your legal issues.

We have professional and personal obligations to the communities we serve.

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